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To stay in touch and follow what I am doing, click on the link below my photo at the bottom of most of my website pages. You may unsubscribe from this email list at any time you no longer want to receive my emails.

If you join my email list, I will contact you directly when I am planning to speak at a local or out-of-state event in which you might want to participate. I will also send you alerts when I have posted a new teaching message or Bible study lesson to this site. Again, you can unsubscribe from my email list any time that you would like.


Prayer support is the backbone and nerve center, so to speak, of any spiritually successful work for God’s eternal kingdom. Foremost, I covet your faith-filled prayers with me to obediently fulfill the work the Lord Jesus has set before me to do unto His glory.

Encouragement comes in many forms and serves as a reminder of God’s love to us through one another.  If it is on your heart to encourage me in the Lord Jesus Christ, please do so using the form on my “Contact” page.  Every note shared in love to the glory of Christ goes a long way with me.


Join My Email List

Join My Email List